Project Self's curriculum focuses on all abilities and inclusion for all types of friends. 


Our curriculum is designed for teachers to teach 2 different lessons throughout the school year, then have an abilities awareness day school wide.  Each lesson's duration is around an hour and a half. 

If you would like Project Self's Curriculum in your school, apply for a kit to be sent to your school at the bottom of the page.  

Below is a layout of the curriculum.

Layout of Curriculum: 

Kindergarten: Inclusion of all friends

1st Lesson: "Rainbow of Friends", books read aloud to them, then a coloring activity that follows. 

2nd Lesson: "Raising Awareness", a PowerPoint lesson, with activities relating to different abilities. 

3rd Lesson: Abilities Awareness Day-School Wide

1st Grade: Introducing all abilities

1st Lesson: "Introducing Disabilities", a packet full of activities that shows students what it is like to have a disability.

2nd Lesson:  different stations teaching students to be more accepting and kind to one another

3rd Lesson: Abilities Awareness Day-School Wide

2nd Grade: Autism

1st Lesson: "Introducing Autism", a PowerPoint lesson explaining Autism along with activities and videos.

2nd Lesson: "Autism Speaks Classroom Toolkit", a lesson plan created by Autism Speaks that focuses on understanding differences.

3rd Lesson: Abilities Awareness Day- School Wide

3rd Grade: Down Syndrome

1st Lesson: "Introducing Down Syndrome", a PowerPoint lesson along with activities

2nd Lesson: "Inclusion", an activity dealing with intellectual disabilities, followed by a book lesson.  

3rd Lesson: Abilities Awareness Day-School Wide

4th Grade: Hearing/ seeing Impairments and Empathy

1st Lesson:  "In their Shoes", students will learn some sign language and experience what it is like to have a seeing impairment. 

2nd Lesson: "Empathy", this lesson will teach students the importance of being kind to everyone

3rd Lesson: Abilities Awareness Day-School Wide

5th Grade: Celebrating everyone's differences

1st Lesson: "Acceptance", students see how accepting their school and society is to people with disabilities.  

2nd Lesson: "Celebrating all Abilities", students will have a competition through door banners celebrating everyone's different abilities. 

3rd Lesson: Abilities Awareness Day-School Wide

If you would like to learn more about Project Self's curriculum fill out this form and we will get back to your shortly. 

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