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1st Grade has 2 lessons and one abilities awareness day. This grade introduces students to disabilities.

1st Lesson: Introducing Different Abilities

This lesson will introduce students to different abilities. These activities will have them learn first-hand what it is like to have a certain different ability 

Below is a link to the lesson plan:

1st: Complete all activities and reflections besides hearing impairments, intellectual disabilities and disability in the media.

Link to the activity packet:

2nd: Once finished with the activities, ask students what they enjoyed from the activities, and what they found difficult.

3rd: If extra time have students write/draw a reflection on what they did and what they learned. 


2nd Lesson: Understanding All Abilities

This lesson will have 4 different stations that students will go to. After the stations, the students will be given a Differnent Abilities Awareness booklet that they can color and read through (a copy will be provided in the Project Self Kit). 

Link to the lesson plan:

1st: Split the students into smaller groups. Have students spend around 7-10 minutes per station. 

1st Station: Have markers and papers on a table. Have students write their name and draw a house or their favorite animal without using their hands. They can use their mouth, feet, etc. 

2nd Station:  Write/ draw one unique fact about yourself on a post it note and hang it up on a board without writing your name. On another post it note write “I am awesome” with your non dominant hand. 

3rd Station: The be kind station. Students have to pair up at that station and give that person two compliments. Once they do that, they can go to 2 other people and do the same thing. Have students write something nice or draw something nice for a family member at home. Make sure teachers emphasize its important to be kind to everyone and to try to find ways to include all friends. 

4th Station: Have students pair up again. Give one student a picture, link to picture:

Have students go back to back and explain the picture and have the other student try to draw it.

2nd: Teachers, after students are done with each station, please read aloud some unique facts, and have the class try to guess who it is. 

3rd: Teachers, once that is finished, pass out the Different abilities Awareness booklets. (copy of a booklet provided in Project Self Kit) Have students fill it out and color them. Explain to them what the word definition is and have them write or draw what makes them understand the word. Have them take the booklets home and show their parents! If possible take some pictures and send to Project Self so we can see how the curriculum is impacting them! :)


Abilities Awareness Day

The stations throughout the day will focus on many different abilities, so students understand all abilities. 1st grade will focus on physical disabilities (amputation, in a wheelchair, no use of a limb, blind, deaf, etc.) 

Spilt the students into smaller groups and have them follow each station. If possible, for this day have parent volunteers to help out at stations. 

Station 1: Have students put their dominant hand behind their back and draw a picture and attempt to cut it out. 

Station 2: Use safety glasses and rub Vaseline on lenses or put black tape to restrict vison. Have students throw a small ball back and fourth with a partner. Also, have students try to write their names. 

Station 3: Students place a spandex hair band around their knees, try to have them walk around or walk a little obstacle course. This will show students what it is like to have Cerebral Palsy 

Station 4: Have students walk a small obstacle course blindfolded or hand over their eyes. They can have a guide (other student) help them. 

Station 5: Put socks or gloves on the students hands and have them try to pick up pennies, tie their shoe, zip up their coat, etc. 

Station 6: Students will pair up with a partner and put a cotton ball in each ear. Students will try to have a conversation/ tell a story with their partner.

Station 7: In a container place slips of paper with people, places, or things written on each. A student will pull out a slip of paper and try to convey what is written without using their voice. 

Give students around 10mins per station. After every student has done each station come back together as a class. Let students share out what struggles they had. Also, have them share out what they learned from the different activities. 
For the last activity, show a short video (commercial, movie trailer, etc.) without the sound on. Only have the captions on at the bottom. Explain to students that that is how people who have hearing impairments watch movies or shows. 

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