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Kindergarten has 2 lessons and one abilities awareness day. This grade focuses on including all kinds of friends.

Lesson 1: Rainbow of Friends

This lesson will teach students to include all friends. 

Below is the link to the lesson plan:

1st: Start off by asking students "How are you a friend to others?"

2nd: Then have them draw a picture of their friends. After students are finished, ask them if they see any differences in the picture of their friends.  

3rd: Teachers should read each book to them, but keep "Rainbow of Friends" for last.

Below is a link that has sample questions you can ask the students in between the three books.

4th: Once you finish reading the books, have students complete the activity. Students will draw their own idea of a "rainbow" of friends. 

As in the lesson plan, close the lesson by telling students ways to include friends.

5th: Then, have students share in their table groups or with a partner their drawing. 

Optional: Hang up each students "rainbow" of friends around the classroom as a reminder to always include all friends.

 If extra time play this video:

This video focuses on a little girl who is deaf. Make it clear to students that she could not hear the music, but she still loves to dance. Clarify that students should invite all classmates to do things even if it seems like they don't want to or "can't."


Lesson 2: Raising Awareness

activities and a coloring sheet. 

Link to the lesson plan:

Below is the link to the PowerPoint presentation:

1st: Follow the presentation, further explain the importance of being a friend to everyone. 

2nd: Students will try to brainstorm ways everyone could be included in a game. Have them share their ideas with a partner.

3rd: Then ask students what they found difficult about the activities and what they enjoyed. 

4th: After the presentation and activities, there are different coloring sheets options for students to chose and color.

Below are links to print out different coloring sheets:


Abilities Awareness Day:

The stations throughout the day were made to focus on all different abilities. This will allow students to get an overview of what they are so they can better understand them in the future. Kindergarten will focus on both physical and learning disabilities. 

Station 1: Take Kindergarteners to the gym and allow them to test out a wheelchair for about 15- 20 minutes. Give them challenges such as trying to work a wheelchair with only one arm or leg. You can also let them try different sports with the wheelchair such as basketball or soccer. Since they are little, leave some time for them to take turns and play around in the wheelchair for fun.

Station 2: Put socks or gloves on the students hands and have them try to pick up something like marshmallows or other classroom items, tie their shoe, zip up their coat, etc.

Station 3: Split students up into pairs. Put blindfolds on one of the students and have them attempt to draw a simple picture that their friend tells them to. Then after they do that have them switch and let the other partner try drawing a picture with a blindfold on. 

Station 4: Have students play with play dough for about 15 minutes. As they are playing with it explain to them that this is how people with different abilities such as Autism calm down. 

Station 5: Split students into pairs. Have them put their dominant hand behind their back and draw a picture that their partner tells them to and attempt to cut it out.  After one partner goes switch off and do the same for the other partner. 

 At the end of all of the stations have a large group discussion on what the students liked best and what they learned today.

**Optional: Have students draw and color their favorite activity from today.

A good idea could be to hang their pictures up that they cut out and drew today in the stations on a wall so they can have that to look at during class for a while as a reminder!


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