Why is Project Self so important?

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When I was in the early stages of creating Project Self, I decided to ask my little sister and her friends, who were in 2nd grade at the time, some questions about different abilities. I asked questions like

“What is Autism? What is Down Syndrome? What is a disability?”

Most of their answers consisted with “Umm I don’t know.”

After that experiment, I started creating the curriculum. I figured that if they do not know what Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia for example are then how will they be able to accept and embrace kids with different abilities for who they are. This goes for everyone, even adults. If we do not understand people who may be different than us than how will we ever begin to accept them for who they are. That is why I know educating students at a young age is so important.

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Now fast forward a year, my curriculum is in 4 Lindbergh Elementary Schools and growing rapidly. My little sister came home a couple months ago and said to me

“Tay we learned about Down Syndrome today! I learned that people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome but they are just like me! They love to have friends, go to school, and play games.”

I had doubts about my curriculum working but once I heard that it made that big of an impact in one persons life, I grew full of hope.

Project Self would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for such generous donations we have received. There are many ways you can help Project Self grow.

  1. You can buy a t-shirt and wear it proudly! Tell people about it if they ask what it is.


  2. You can sponsor a kit. A kit is what we send each school to teach our curriculum. The cost of a kit is $35.


  3. You can make a donation. Any donation whatsoever is such a huge help to this cause. I appreciate anything you can give.


4. Lastly, you can spread the word. Talk about Project Self to people you know in the education system. Like and share our Facebook and Instagram page. The more this grows the better!

I plan to have Project Self grow nation wide.

The best thing is I’m just getting started.

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